Gumushane Cultural Route Appeals Nature Lovers

The 384-kilometer cultural route through Gumushane is well-liked by tourists who like the outdoors from all over the country. The 5-day cultural route excursion was planned in Gümüşhane and involved a group of 17 persons, including kokartli guides. Leading the group was Ersin Demirel, one of Turkey’s best trail guides. Demirel introduced tourists to the natural and cultural landmarks of various Turkish cities by penning travel pieces for a variety of periodicals and newspapers.

Gümüşhane Cultural Route

The guests that travelled through the 60% mountainous terrain of Gümüşhane during the course of the project were in awe of the views they witnessed, which far exceeded their expectations. The group of 17 people from Istanbul, including academics who like to walk and learn about history, completed the exercise satisfactorily and left the city.

The Gümüşhane Governorship collaborated with the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) and the Gümüşhane Mountaineering, Nature Sports and Youth Association (GÜDAK) to produce the book “Gümüşhane Cultural Route and Tourism Discovery Guide” in 2016. Ersin Demirel claims that one of the most breathtaking routes is the 384-kilometer Gümüşhane Cultural Route, which starts at Zigana Ski Centre and ends at mera Monastery.

Gümüşhane Cultural Route (2)

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Demirel advised others who had not yet been there to do so, noting that the geography of Gumushane is one of the distinctive geographies of the Black Sea as well as Turkey. He stated:

“During our event, the Krom Valley, the land of lonely churches on the steep hills with its impressive geography, deserted churches, alpine meadows, and magnificent landscapes, is a place that can only be witnessed in the current state of the old rustic houses that you will see Our team enjoyed every aspect of Yamurdere Village and Sarçiçek Rooms, two of the outstanding examples of traditional Turkish homes.”

Demirel claimed that the group, which enjoys both strolling and history, travels with incredible enthusiasm and delight, departs merrily, and that Gümüşhane is a place that exceeds expectations. Demirel added that throughout the year, they will visit Gümüşhane with various groups.

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