Great Look of Abant Lake National Park

Abant Lake National Park turkey

Abant Lake Nature Park is renowned for its thick pine forests, water lily flowers, and beautiful meadows fragrant with thyme. Bolu, which is located inside the boundaries of Turkey’s most well-known National Park, annually welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists to the Lake Abant region.

Great Look of Abant Lake National Park

Abant Lake is located on the Abant Mountain, about 1,350 metres above sea level, in the Mudurnu neighbourhood of Bolu. It can be reached by car about 2.5 hours from Ankara and Istanbul. There are several hills in the natural park that range in height from 1,400 to 1,700 metres.

The natural area around the lake provides some excellent hiking opportunities. The paths along the Western Black Sea’s pristine nature are lined with tall, green trees and are surrounded by a rich vegetation. Scotch pine, larch, beech, oak, poplar, ash, hornbeam, and willow trees are surrounded by hazelnut, medlar, hawthorn, rosehip, blackberry, strawberry, mint, and raspberry plants. The shorelines of Lake Abant are covered in water lilies and other aquatic vegetation.

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Abant Lake National Park turkey

There are hotels, villas, campgrounds, and picnic areas close to the lake. In other words, because of its location, Abant Lake Nature Park is a good choice for both single-day and multi-day walks.

Abant Lake National Park, a natural wonder of the Bolu, was covered in snow. Visitors who had taken advantage of the good weather were stunned by snow. Abant Lake National Park, one of Turkey’s most popular tourist sites, was covered in snow.

Abant, a four-season tourism resort that attracts millions of people each year, has started its winter season. Those who visited the National Park, which is intertwined with nature, made the most of the sunny weekdays. A lot of memory images were taken of the snowy surroundings by naturalists who were startled by the nighttime snowfall.

The snow cover did not lift above Abant in bright weather since the air temperatures were at zero degrees. Beautiful weather allowed for strolls around the lake by visitors. Serap Varlk, a visitor who claimed to have been in Abant for the first time and experienced a snow surprise, said:

“We made a plan with our friends and came to Bolu from Yozgat. It was also a surprise for us that it was snow. I’m coming for the first time, it’s beautiful.”

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