Gokpinar Lake Resembles an Aquarium

Gokpinar Lake Reflects the Sunlight to its Deepest Point

An amazing example of an engineering accomplishment is the Gokpinar Lake in the Gürün district of Sivas, which reflects sunlight all the way to the bottom and is often referred to as the “natural aquarium” because to its crystal-clear, turquoise-blue water. Under the supervision of the governor of Sivas, divers from the Sivas Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) cleaned the ocean floor. It took two days to make the attempt to protect the ecosystem and the animals.

Gokpinar Lake Reflects the Sunlight to its Deepest Point

Nine fisherman dived into the Gokpinar Lake, a significant region of plants and fauna, at a depth of 10 metres and an altitude of 1475 to clean the lake, as they have been doing regularly for almost 20 years.

Gürün Gökpnar Lake was designated as a “sensitive area to be protected” with the approval of President Recep Tayyip Erdoan. Under the supervision of the Sivas Governor’s Office, work is currently being done there to preserve the area’s current natural texture and increase its green spaces in order to safeguard it and pass it on to future generations.

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In the autumn, the Gökpnar Lake, often known as the “evil eye bead of the steppe,” in the Sivas neighbourhood of Gürün, dazzles spectators with its brilliant hues. Autumn has arrived, and the steppe’s evil eye bead is vibrantly coloured.

The tree leaves and the lake, with its colours of yellow, green, blue, and red, are a wonderful visual feast for nature lovers. The colour of the lake varies as well, depending on the time of year and where the sun is shining. These days, the lake, which attracts attention for its clarity and maintains a constant temperature of 11 degrees throughout the four seasons, charms its visitors with the autumnal hues.

Gokpinar Lake

Gokpinar Lake is like an aquarium from top to bottom, reflecting light all the way to the bottom. Divers can use the lake in the summer and winter, along with nature lovers, and underwater photographers are drawn to this feature. Sedat Güngör said he had come from Kocaeli to see the natural beauty of the country, and he claimed that he had seen amazing autumnal colours at Gökpnar Lake. Added he:

“I spend time to see the beauties of our country in my free time. I set off from Kocaeli, Cappadocia, Kayseri, Sivas route to Gökpınar Lake and discovered these places. Such beauties in many parts of our country and Gokpinar Lake comes at the beginning of them. The fact that it is autumn has added a different beauty. I came here for the first time and the fact that it was autumn brought a different beauty to my trip. When I came here, I came across unique colors of the lake turquoise color. Among the lakes that we can rarely find. The leaves have created a more exquisite image because autumn colors, red, yellow, green are all intertwined. When these colors are combined with the turquoise lake, it gives a completely different image. Gokpinar Lake is a beautiful photograph in autumn and nature lovers should definitely come and see this place.”

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