Girlevik Waterfall: Turkey’s Hidden Ecological Treasure

Girlevik Waterfall Turkey's Hidden Ecological Treasure

The Girlevik Waterfall in the asian town of Erzincan, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, is a well-liked retreat for foreigners seeking relief from the summer heat. Due to the international tourists visiting the waterfall, activity increased throughout the weekdays.

Girlevik Waterfall Turkey's Hidden Ecological Treasure

At the Girlevik Waterfall in the Alayan town of Erzincan, there is a massive flood of both domestic and foreign tourists, and it offers its guests a distinctive view all year long. With its picturesque beauty and cool air, Girlevik Waterfall in Erzincan, where ice waters from Mount Munzur’s slopes run from 40 metres above, attracts both domestic and foreign tourists.

The Girlevik Waterfall, located in the hamlet of Kalecik at the base of Munzur Mountain 35 km from the city core and created by the confluence of nine different spring streams, offers a special beauty throughout the year. The waterfall, famous for its freezing water pouring from 40 metres above ground level and its unparalleled natural beauty, draws throngs of locals.

The waterfall, which has a stunning perspective thanks to the stalactites formed when the majority of the water freezes in winter, offers its visitors a distinct beauty in the summer. Locals and tourists from other countries make the most of their time by exploring and picnicking amidst the natural wonders and snapping photos of the breathtaking surroundings.

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Girlevik Waterfall visitors have something to say about it:

“The waterfall provides a very lovely environment and is fully natural. Every time we travel to Erzincan, we must make a stop here, and we never depart without doing so. We take our families out for picnics there because of how nice and natural it is. Girlevik Waterfall is open to visitors of all ages.”

The waterfall is a popular destination for visitors from Erzincan’s neighbourhoods as well as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and other towns.

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