From Prosperity to Submersion: The Halfeti Chronicles

Diverse civilizations have long called Halfeti, in Anlurfa, home. One of the most well-known spots in the area as a secret paradise is Halfeti. When the Birecik Dam was constructed in 2000, it flooded half of the area, and the other half was developed as a community. To go to the region, which is close to the Anlurfa bus station, you can take a private vehicle on the Birecik district road.

Best of Halfeti

The neighbourhood has started a number of activities as a result of the daily increase in tourists. The “Hidden Paradise” or “Lost City,” Halfeti, is an area located beneath the Euphrates River and is famed for its breathtaking natural characteristics. Tours of Savaşan Village, the Ekem Neighbourhood, and Rumkale on the Euphrates River are a few of the nearby activities.

Halfeti Bridge, also known as the “Halfeti Strait,” was built in collaboration by the GAP Administration and the Halfeti District Governorate and offers a breathtaking river vista. Due to the lighting, the bridge creates a very distinctive atmosphere at night.

The Barşavma Church, which Yakubi Aziz Barşavma constructed in the thirteenth century, is one of the structures that has persisted due to its combined shapes. The church in Rumkale, built with a variety of cut stones, is one of its most remarkable buildings. Kantarma Village is also known as “Seljuk Inn”. The inn is constructed of large cut stones and has a courtyard and a private area. The building’s technical attributes lead experts to conclude that it was constructed sometime during the Middle Ages.

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The Nerses Church, which Patrick Nerses had erected in his honour in the late 12th century, is another noteworthy building in the area. This church, which functioned as the Armenians’ place of worship, is located inside the walls. One can find out more about the region’s maritime heritage by taking part in river tours in Halfeti. The extremely distinct pleasure of observing the Rumkale region from the river is something that people particularly enjoy.

Halfeti, noted for its black rose, got its name from the roses’ black flowers. The black rose grows in some parts of Halfeti due to the regional climate.

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