Eyüp Sultan Mosque: A Pilgrim’s Pride

Eyüp Sultan Mosque One of the Pilgrimage Centers (2)

There is a mosque there called Eyüp Sultan Mosque. It is called Hz Mosque. Muhammad’s close companion Abu Ayyub al-Ensari When Eyyüp al-Ensari, who had taken part in the siege of Istanbul and was buried here, discovered Kabri after Fatih Sultan Mehmed had captured Istanbul during the Umayyad era, mosques and other buildings had been built around the grave. After being known as Eyup Sultan, who revered the Prophet’s companions, the region was given his name. This is one of the most significant pilgrimage sites in Istanbul and Turkey. Eyüp Mosque Complex is another name for it.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque Turkey

The mosque containing the tomb was built in 1459, under Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. At the same time, it is the first selatin mosque in Istanbul. The madrasa, restrooms, and buildings in the elaborately constructed community were not used on a daily basis.

The Eyüp Sultan Mosque sustained substantial damage as a result of the 1766 earthquake that devastated Istanbul and left a number of people dead and a great deal of property damaged. Next comes III. It was destroyed during the Selim era and rebuilt around 1800. (1215).

Eyüp Sultan Mosque One of the Pilgrimage Centers (2)

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The mosque was built at a time when Western art had a significant influence on Turkish architecture, yet it is obvious that it has some connections to the classical art heritage. The main mosque is made up of eight supporting types, two of which are the corners of the KIBI mihrab, and six of which contain circular components.

Camin was built using the eight auxiliary designs and central dome that Mimar Sinan had in mind during the Ottoman era. This example shows the most recent application of the methodology used by Mimar Sinan in some of his writings. The paillas have elaborate headers.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque One of the Pilgrimage Centers

The five-chambered last assembly, which is situated between the courtyard and the Eyüp Sultan mosque, is covered by five domes, each of which has an oval in the centre. The marble-framed doorway displays a long poem by Arif, composed by nine poets, which gives background information on the history of the glass. The Eyüp Sultan Mosque Hunkar Area is located on the west side of the external courtyard.

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