Exploring Avsa Island: A Hidden Mediterranean Gem

Because of its unique features and breathtaking beauty, Avsa Island is among the places to visit. Avşa Island, which is a part of Balkesir province’s boundaries in the Marmara Region, attracts tourists every year. Numerous local and international tourists travel to the area each year as a result of its popularity as a tourist destination. Using sea buses, travellers can travel to Avşa Island from Istanbul, Erdek, and Tekirda.

Best of Avsa Island

Because of its unique layout and attractive features, Avsa Island is popular with both domestic and foreign visitors. Additionally, getting there is not too difficult. This island is located in the Sea of Marmara. The Marmara Islands island chain includes this island.

Avsa Island Turkey's Tranquil Paradise

It is one of the islands in the Balkesir Province of the Marmara Region. Long ago, this island split off from the Kapda peninsula and became an island. On the island at various times in history, Arabs, Greeks, and Turks have all dwelt. Numerous nations have occupied the island from the early Stone Age. In the Byzantine era, this island served as a fortification. It was known as Afousia at the time.

Between 672 and 678, the Arab armies besieging Istanbul used the island as a base of operations. Island of Arabs became the name of the island during the Ottoman Period as a result of the Arabs’ gradual Turkification. When the Exchange Treaty was signed, the Greek population of the island was moved to Greece, and Turks settled the island. There hasn’t been any more farming on the island since this occurred.

During the Republican Period, the island briefly went by the name of Türkeli. The island was named Avşa after the subsequent negotiations. Avsa Island is a popular tourist attraction today. About 2,000 individuals reside there.

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How to Get to Avsa Island

Avşa Island is a piece of Balkesir Province in the Marmara area. This island draws visitors because of its spotless beaches and fresh air. Local tourists visit the area annually, especially those from Istanbul. It is a piece of the island group that encircles the Kapda Peninsula. Now, both domestic and foreign tourists pay attention to it.

Avsa Island

Passengers can get to Avsa Island by sea buses and ferries that depart from Istanbul, Erdek, and Tekirda. Travellers must first arrive at Erdek dock before boarding one of the Adalar 1, Gestaş, or Marmara Roro auto ferries to the island from other provinces like Eskişehir, Bursa, or Zmir.

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