Everything Attracts Visitors in Bodrum, Turkey

Everything Attracts Visitors in Bodrum, Turkey

Despite the fact that most of you prefer Bodrum Turkey for summer vacations, this well regarded resort is gorgeous all year round. Bodrum now wants to emphasise this quality. As a result, the job has advanced significantly more quickly. Agrotourism research is one of them. Through the “Bodrum Agro-Tourism” route project, which was started under the direction of the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, local Bodrum values are preserved and year-round tourism is sought after.

Things to do in Bodrum

The “Bodrum Agro-Tourism” route, which combines carpet making, wine making, olive farming, the production of sustainable agricultural products, and gastronomy in order to promote and properly develop the agricultural products produced in the fertile lands of Bodrum Turkey, appears to sail to various experiences in Bodrum with the assistance of businesses.

The Bodrum Chamber of Commerce (BODTO), which aims to diversify and extend the season in the Bodrum tourism inventory, presented the “Bodrum Leleg Walking Route” to Bodrum. This adventure tour that introduces the geography and history of Bodrum Turkey piqued interest. Due to the epidemic, many domestic and international visitors sought out nature, and the 185-kilometer hiking trail that was provided to hikers in 2017 and marked with building work attracted their interest as well.

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Everything Attracts Visitors in Bodrum, Turkey

The protagonist of the well-known folk tale from Bodrum, Kerimolu, lives here. From there, a walking path leads to Turgutreis Sabanci Park via the ridges of Etrim, Yaliciftlik, Kizilagac, Torba, Pedesa, and Girel Belen. The Bodrum Leleg Road, which takes its name from the historic Leleg civilization, pays homage to Bodrum’s past by traversing the city of 9 Leleg. The accomplishment of the Bodrum Leleg Route provided as motivation for BODTO, who worked with business executives and chamber presidents to start building the “Bodrum Agro-Gastro” road.

BODTO developed the idea of combining agricultural production with cultural values and climatic qualities by equating Bodrum to Tuscany in Italy. The “Bodrum Agro-Tourism” route was first advertised in this context. The chairman of BODTO, Mahmut Serdar Kocadon, responds to inquiries regarding the “Bodrum Agro-Gastro Tourism Route” project.

In his remarks, Kocadon says the following: This fantastic project has been initiated by Different Understanding Of Tourism Bodto, which was founded with the mission statement,

“We are as universal as we are.”

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