Erciyes Opens Arms for Winter Lovers

Erciyes Opens Arms for Winter Lovers

While the 2022–2023 ski season began with snowfall in Erciyes, Murat Cahid Cng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erciyes A, indicated that we would seek to host 3 million guests in Erciyes with a 20 percent rise this year. One of Turkey’s largest ski resorts, Erciyes, has started its ski season as a result of recent snowfall that has had an even greater impact. On the opening day of the season, skiers took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed themselves on the slopes.

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We have now reached the day we have been excitedly anticipating for weeks, according to Murat Cahid Cng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erciyes A. The consequences of the most recent snowfall in the region were felt when we started our season. Yesterday, skiers began to arrive in Erciyes. For the 2023 season, we are planning an Erciyes season that is full, energetic, exhilarating, and dynamic, which we will embellish with top-notch events.

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Erciyes Opens Arms for Winter Lovers

Throughout the summer, we worked on it and paid close attention to it. Making the visitors to our Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality happy is something that concerns us. Without halting, we continued with our continuous domestic and international marketing initiatives. Murat Cahid Cıngı said:

“We increase the number of both skiers and daily skiers at significant rates every year. In total, we receive over 2 million visitors. This year, God willing, we aimed for 3 million. We will strive to host our guests coming from Kayseri center, surrounding provinces and domestic and international points in Erciyes with at least 20 percent increase this year.”

Of course, the weather throughout the year determines when the season begins and ends, but it often begins in November and lasts until the end of March. With a snowfall base of roughly 2 metres at the height of the season, January and February are the snowiest months.

While there are places to stay on Mount Erciyes itself, travelling to the resort has a cost. A more affordable option is to stay in nearby Kayseri town, which is accessible from the resort in 30-45 minutes either shuttle or car.

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