The Erciyes seems Packed with Tourists and Visitors

Tourists in Abundance Gathered at the Erciyes-m

The ski area at Mount Erciyes is located on the north-to-east side of the mountain of the same name. It is a 3917-meter-high volcanic peak that provides breathtaking views in all directions. The ski resort, which is situated at a height of roughly 2100 metres, is only 40 minutes away from Kayseri International Airport. You can experience “cultural skiing.” on a vacation to Cappadocia, which is close by and only one hour from Kayseri. On Mount Erciyes, there are countless off-pistes and 150km of slopes at varying levels. It also has the perfect surface and climate for snow-kiting.

Tourists in Abundance Gathered at the Erciyes-m

Skiers flocked to the slopes as the snowfall that started in Erciyes last night made an impact. Erciyes, one of Turkey’s largest ski resorts, showcased the aftermath of a snowstorm that started late last night.

The opportunity provided by the significant snowstorm, which resulted in the snow in Erciyes building to a height of 60 cm, was seized by thousands of skiers. Thousands of domestic and foreign guests arrived in Erciyes to go skiing with their families, creating long lineups at the cable cars.

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Mt Erciyes location

Demet zel, who had come to Erciyes for the semester break, revealed that he was from Izmir. My family lives here. To rest, I made the trip to Kayseri. I had heard about Erciyes. Additionally, I had practised skiing. Today makes me happy because there wasn’t much snow here when I first came. A pleasant day filled with entertainment and a lot of people. I got to Erciyes on Monday. There wasn’t even much snow.

So, I’m happy. I was born and raised in Kayseri. At the time, we had no idea how valuable the mountain was. I wished we had started learning to ski. I think skiing should be taken up by everyone.

The Erciyes seems Packed with Tourists and Visitors

Murat Kartal, a ski instructor from Ankara who travelled to Kayseri, said:

“I’m sorry I didn’t start skiing till now. I advise everyone to go skiing. Skiing is a wonderful activity, and Erciyes is a wonderful place to do it. The track, the snow, and the weather are all really wonderful, and I think Erciyes is very attractive overall. I advise anyone who doesn’t ski to do so. Let those who have yet to begin do so immediately. I haven’t yet slipped elsewhere. Here, I’m ice skating for the first time. In Erciyes, I’ll begin skiing lessons.”

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