The Grandeur of Ephesus Turkey


Ephesus, the region of beauty and grandeur, is the second most explored destination of Turkey. We you come up with the idea of exploration of best of Turkey, Ephesus is not the place you can overlook. Millions of visitors come every year to interact with what is famous in Turkey or in other words the prettiest places in Turkey – Ephesus Turkey. The places renowned for their antiqueness and splendor stimulate visitors’ imaginations. A considerable percentage of Turkey tourism depends upon the number of tourists move Ephesus. This region is enriched with the taste of history where you will be witnessing various ruins, monuments, museums, mosques and much more offering doings full of fun. The antiqueness, uniqueness and historical significance of this region has turned it into one of the best Turkey tourist places. There are a number of things to do in Ephesus Turkey. Thus, it will be a good thought to reveal the beauty and doings to do in Ephesus Turkey when you are inclined to get aware of what is Turkey known for.

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Terrace Houses in Ephesus Turkey

Terrace Houses

In 1962, Terrace Houses region was extracted. Since the very time this region of Ephesus Turkey is considered the jewel. The reflection of the lives of elite of Ephesus can be seen here. The imaginative taste of the affluent inhabitants of Ephesus is revealed by the painted wall; mosaics are what all of the floors covered with. If you move to Terrace Houses complex, you will, certainly, be witnessed by separated street lines, that is, these streets were meant to wives of the rich for shopping purposes. The walls and floors of the houses are enriched with multi-colored marbles. In addition the discussed, you will find yourself interacting with history of Ephesus Turkey here.

Ephesus Archaeological Museum

Ephesus Archaeological Museum

Artefacts quarried from the antique city of Ephesus Turkey are what Ephesus Archaeological Museum reflects. The artefacts – the symbol of beauty – encompass statues, funeral relics, coins and jewelry. It is must-see place when you are in Ephesus Turkey for it carries the beauty and history of artefacts and ancient ruins to life.

Basilica of St John Ephesus Turkey

Basilica of St John Ephesus Turkey

Basilica which enjoyed the unpatrolled magnificence in sixth century has now turned into ruins due attacks and earthquakes; but its grandeur is great till the date. From Jerusalem to Ephesus the Apostle John travelled and was asked to spend the remaining life span there along with his tomb situated under the Basilica which made conspicuous by a marble slab. Even being in the form of ruins, Basilica of St John still maintains its majesty despite of the long stretches of time and makes everything to visualize what once this region would be like.

House of Mary

House of Mary

Very near to the antique ruins of Ephesus is a pilgrimage site namely The House of Mary. It is believed that this was the very place Mary who was the mother of Jesus lived and died. Innumerable visitors show their spiritual affections with the place. The House of Mary got popularity and prominence when Anne Catherine Emmerich who was a German nun explained the house in detail whereas he never had had there. In a book this very vision of Anne Catherine Emmerich were published and later on different historians found out a construction which was identical to the explanations present by Anne Catherine.

Ayasuluk Fortress

Ayasuluk Fortress Ephesus Turkey

Another symbol of beauty and antiqueness what is Turkey known for particularly Ephesus is Ayasuluk Fortress. It outshines the skyline of Selcuk. The fortress was constructed for the protection of St John’s Basilica and other ruins including Seljuk, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. In addition to the ruins of houses, baths, cisterns and mosque restored walls of the fortress still shows its greatness.

Isa Bey Mosque

Isa Bey Mosque

Isa Bey Mosque is situated in the heart of Selcuk. It was built in 1300c. This mosque is based upon the great mosque of Damascus. It is one of the exemplary works of Seljukian architecture. The uniqueness of this mosque lies in its shape and style, that is, it was constructed with an asymmetrical style. Regardless of the destruction caused by time variations it still possesses its grandness from both historical and touristic point of view.

Sirince – one of the beauties of Ephesus Turkey

Sirince – one of the beauties of Ephesus Turkey

Sirince, comparatively a small village, situated eight kilometers outside of Ephesus. Its conspicuousness reveals through the roofs the houses which all are in red color. These houses are built in a way that there is a gentle slope down the hillside. Greek style fruit wine is what Sirince is known for. There are narrow streets enriched with a number of shops delivering multiple items like, crafts, hand-made arts, jams etc.

Pamucak Beach

Pamucak Beach Ephesus Turkey

A part from ancient world Ephesus displays, Pamucak Beach is the prime piece of sand which encompasses its own beauty. It is about 7 Kilometers from Selcuk when you are on the road to Kusadasi. Visitors come from distinct corners of the world enjoy themselves with different activities here. Sun-bathing and swimming are what you will be witnesses for sure. During summer in vacant days, you will find crowd here where there will be a great hustle and bustle around. In addition to the swimming and sun-bathing, the most favorite activity people oftentimes engage in is having picnic relished with a vast sea-view.

If you got the aptitude of engaging in historical places and persons, you must have to experience at least one tour of Ephesus Turkey. Since a considerable number of tourists move here every year and grasp multi-shade perspectives of history of the regions Turkey is famous for and is bestowed with you will find yourself a part of history. Ephesus is one those great regions on which pages of history are replete with. For comfortable and memorable visit I strongly recommend you to have services of Turkey Trips – a quality and service conscious organization – where you will be enjoying yourself with these places accompanying the knowable personnel of this tour company.

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