Enjoyments of Night Skiing in Palandöken Turkey

Enjoyments of Night Skiing in Palandöken Turkey (2)

Skiers can enjoy a unique experience by “night skiing” on approximately 10 kilometres of slopes illuminated by professional lighting in Palandöken Ski Resort, one of the world’s most important ski destinations. Palandöken Turkey Ski Resort in Erzurum, one of Turkey’s and the world’s most important ski resorts, offers skiers enjoyable “night skiing” experiences.

Enjoyments of Night Skiing in Palandöken Turkey

Palandöken Ski Resort, which opened for the season in December with an artificial snowing system and snowfall, provides a safe holiday for skiers with its distinctive natural beauty and 56 slopes ranging in length and difficulty from 1.1 to 14 kilometres.

Tourists visiting Palandöken Turkey, which is 20 kilometres from Erzurum Airport and 4 kilometres from the city centre, can enjoy hours of continuous skiing among the pine trees on slopes that are illuminated at night as well as day skiing.

Enjoyments of Night Skiing in Palandöken Turkey (2)

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Guests enjoy skiing in compliance with pandemic laws in the centre, which offers great holiday options to local and foreign tourists, thanks to its luxury hotels, modernised mechanical facilities, and bungalow residences. Skiers and snowboarders who visit the ski resort can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and sledding until 20.00.

Skiers who visit Palandöken, which has a variety of ski slopes, can ski at night on slopes that stretch for nearly 10 kilometres from the Dragon hill at an altitude of 3,200 metres to the hotel area.

Governor Ok Memis of Erzurum, along with Deputy Mayor Fevzi Polat and Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Zafer Aynal, skied at night in the ski resort with athletes dressed in led clothing and skating with torches. On snowmobiles, gendarmerie Search and Rescue teams accompanied the skiers.

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