Eminonu New Mosque History, Architecture and More

Eminonu New Mosque The Masterpiece of Sultans

The Eminonu New Mosque, one of Istanbul’s most iconic buildings, is one of the sultans’ masterpieces overlooking the sea. The mosque was the last of the Ottoman Sultans’ large mosques to be completed, and it took the longest in contrast to other mosques to finish.

Eminonu New Mosque History and Architecture

Every day, residents and tourists from all over the world walk through Eminonu New Mosque at Fatih Municipality’s Eminonu Square, Istanbul’s busiest location. Eminonu New Mosque is also known as the Sultan’s Mother’s Mosque or the Sultana’s Mother’s Mosque. Sultan Muhammad III’s mother, Safiya Sultan, authorized its building in 1597. The construction of the mosque was put on hold because, among other things, sultans who followed after Muhammad III were afraid to complete the project.

Eminonu New Mosque The Masterpiece of Sultans

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After the catastrophic fire in Istanbul in 1660, Sultan Hatice Turhan, Sultan Mohammed IV’s mother, passed by the mosque and observed the devastation and ruin, it was reconstructed in 1663 under her supervision.

The Sultan’s Palace, which is located within the mosque, is one of the most spectacular palaces linked to mosques built in the 17th century. Despite the fact that it is known as the new mosque, it is now 500 years old and has become a symbol of Eminonu. In its 66-year history, it has been controlled by eight Ottoman sultans.

Eminonu New Mosque

The mosque and the period in which it was built show how strong sultan’s mothers were in the Ottoman Empire, particularly in the 16th and 17th centuries. The mosque is distinguished by the gated tunnel that leads to the Sultan’s Palace and connects Banks Street to the strait’s side.

As construction neared the mosque, the exterior courtyard was gone, but the three-door interior courtyard remained, adorned with exquisite porcelain ornamentation.

Eminonu New Mosque Location

To get to the mosque by public transit, head to Istanbul’s Eminonu Square. Most of Istanbul’s central locations have bus connections to the center. You can also get off at Eminonu by taking the Bagcilar-Kabatas tram route. The best way to get to the square from the Asian side is to take a sea ferry from Uskudar or Kadikoy.

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