A Wonder of Architect: Eco-Floating Hotel in Turkey

A Wonder of Architect Eco-Floating Hotel in Turkey

A hotel has been designed that will float in the ocean, spin, and produce its own electricity. The Eco-Floating Hotel was created by Turkey’s Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio. On Instagram, the company showcased their hotel design, noting that it is intended for Qatar but could be utilized anywhere.

A Wonder of Architect Eco-Floating Hotel in Turkey

Each of the hotel’s 152 rooms will feature a balcony. As per HAADS, the hotel will have swimming pools, a gym, a spa, and places for mini golf and other sports.

The hotel will perform a full cycle in 24 hours. The hotel’s rotating roof will generate electricity from the sun and wind. The roof will collect rainwater for the gardens. To avoid contamination, the hotel will filter seawater for other uses and treat its own effluent.

Eco-Floating Hotel turkey

The Eco-Floating Hotel will be accessed via boat or a floating dock from the coast. Alternatively, guests can arrive by helicopter, which will land on the dock.

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The design for the Eco-Floating Hotel began in March 2020, and HAADS expects to finish it by 2025. However, it is unclear whether the hotel will be constructed.

This isn’t Qatar’s only floating hotel concept. 16 floating hotels, each with 101 rooms, are being built by Admares and Sigge Architects. The country is building thousands of extra hotel rooms in preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

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