This Winter Brings Beauty to Duzce, Turkey

Duzce turkey

Nearby cities include Ankara, which is located 240 kilometres to the east, and Istanbul, which is located 228 kilometres (142 miles) to the west of Duzce. D-100 travels through Düzce, and the TEM Highway circles the city.

Duzce turkey

On a plateau near the western shore of the Black Sea sits Duzce. To the west, northeast, and east, respectively, the city is encircled by the provinces of Zonguldak, Sakarya, and Bolu. It is 20 kilometres from North to South and 23 kilometres from East to West (14 x 12 miles). It opens to the Black Sea with the Buyuk Melen Valley to the northwest. Abant, Kartalkaya, Yedigoller, and Golcuk are just a few of the popular tourist destinations and famous locations nearby.

The climate alternates between that of the West Black Sea and that of Central Anatolia, even though the summers and winters are both chilly and hot. The primary agricultural products in Duzce include vegetables, maize wheat, almonds, and several varieties of wheat.

Duzce’s setting is particularly enticing to individuals who appreciate the outdoors and seek adventure. In addition to the Karduz Plateau, which contains 150 different bird species and is perpetually covered in snow, there are vast forested landscapes, plateaus, waterfalls, long seashores, beaches, natural caverns, rafting on the Big Melen River, sailing, water sports, and fishing in the Lake of Hasanlar Dam.

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This Winter Brings Beauty to Duzce, Turkey

Just before the end of the autumn season, drone footage in Düzce recorded all the hues of the natural world. As the fall months came to a close and the winter season was just about to begin, along with the light that appeared, the colours of nature captured people’s attention.

The vivid images produced by the trees in the forests in the mountains and springs of Düzce were displayed by a drone. The trees’ wilting foliage and array of vibrant green leaves drew the attention of nature lovers.

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