Nature sports is good idea near waterfall in Diyarbakir

Nature sports is good idea near waterfall in Diyarbakir

Formerly known as Amida, Diyarbakir, also spelt Diyarbekir, is a city in southeast Turkey. It’s on the right bank of the Tigris River. The Arabic phrase for “district (diyar) of the Bakr people,” an Arab clan that dominated the city in the seventh century CE, is whence the name originates. According to folklore, the current spelling of -bakr refers to the area’s abundant copper mines.

The waterfall in Diyarbakr’s Kulp district, which has been running for 1,000 years, is waiting to be discovered for outdoor leisure with its undiscovered canyon. The 1,000-year-old waterfall at Gomabelek’s tomb in the Baclar village of the Kulp region dazzles especially in the spring with its immaculate canyon.

Nature sports is good idea near waterfall in Diyarbakir

The Diyarbakir waterfall, which travels for about a km before emptying into the Tigris River, is being considered as an alternative route for outdoor activities. According to Prof. Dr. rfan Yldz, head of the faculty of art and design at Dicle University, who spoke with a reporter for the hlas News Agency (UHA), the Gomabelek hamlet is a section of the Baclar village in the Kulp district.

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Prof. Dr. Yldz stated,

“A virgin canyon is an uncharted territory. It is a waterfall that has been active for a very long time. The Shekran Stream joins the flow of this water. Just one kilometre lower is where the ekran Stream begins. It also flows into the Ekran River from the Tigris River. Particularly in the spring, this area is very lush and vibrant. The water level has now a little bit decreased.15 days ago, there was a lot more water running.”

“The waterfall that pours from the highest point in the Diyarbakir region is this one, which has been flowing for thousands of years.”

Yldz asserted that the area is particularly suitable for outdoor activities. It offers a unique setting for outdoor activities, especially in the spring. The ekran Valley canyon leads to the waterfall canyon. This trek’s route has come to an end.

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