A Glance at Dhahran Valley Landscapes in Eskişehir

A Glance at Dhahran Valley Landscapes in Eskişehir

West-central Eskişehir is a city in Turkey. A tributary of the Sakarya River, the Porsuk River runs beside it. It is situated around 125 miles (200 kilometres) west of Ankara. The current city, which is near to where the ancient Phrygian city of Dorylaeum was located, probably started as a group of settlements concentrated around hot springs during the Byzantine period. It came under Ottoman administration towards the end of the 13th century. In 1097, the Crusaders defeated the Seljuq Turks there. The city started to expand once the railway arrived in the late 19th century and as Turks started to come from the Ottoman Empire’s European territories in the early 20th century. Let’s discover the splendour of Eskişehir’s Dhahran Valley.

This past weekend, the team, which frequently strolls about Eskişehir’s diverse historical and natural beauties, journeyed 13 miles to photograph the Dhahran Valley unusual landscape. Regular hikers from Eskişehir spend their weekends in the Seyitgazi district’s Göcenoluk region’s Zahran Valley.

A Glance at Dhahran Valley Landscapes in Eskişehir

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The Phrygian Civilization and historical remains were right there along the trail that the 15 people who headed out for their stroll on Sunday morning in the Sandközü area saw. The group walked for a total of 8 hours, covering a distance of about 13 kilometres. The hikers, who were having a good time, captured the Phrygian Valley and an Ottoman-era mill in multiple unique landscape photos.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Engin Atalan said:

“During our 13-kilometer trek, which started from the town of Sandközü, we had the chance to explore the caverns related to the Phrygian era. It was also possible to see old Ottoman-era water mills. Our stroll was considerably more pleasurable because of the nice weather. On Sunday evening, about 18:30, we reached the conclusion of our journey through the village of Göcenoluk. I want to thank my friends for coming and being there for me at these important moments.”

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