Dereli Hot Springs: A must-visit Place in Summer


Dereli Hot Springs, located in Günlüce village, Emet district, Kütahya, are claimed to be especially useful for skin and bone problems, and thus are in high demand by those seeking recovery. People seeking wellness from numerous provinces in the surrounding area flock to the 40-degree boiling natural water. Dereli Hot Springs, which is believed to be good for a range of diseases and fractures-dislocations, is still in use after repairs and maintenance.


The village headman administers the Dereli Hot Springs in Günlüce Village, which keep their natural appearance. The management of the bungalow cottages and café in the two stone canyons has been a center of attraction for those engaged in environmental activities since the acquisition of the Günlüce Mukhtar in recent months. Citizens who went to the hot springs for healing stated that the hot water helped with joint pain, skin problems, and quick recovery.

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Dereli Hot Springs visitor Kemal Zkul stated:

“This is a natural wonder place located in the middle of our Tavşanlı district and Emet districts. Allah has given such a beautiful water that it is a panacea for many. There are people coming from many provinces of Turkey.”

Osman Bayram, who traveled from Bursa’s Inegol area in quest of therapy, said he remained for three days and that his foot soreness subsided rapidly, and he advised everyone to visit.

Don’t Miss Dereli Hot Springs this Summer

Niyazi Turgut, a frequent visitor to the hot springs, said he chose this site for the water’s most relaxing feature, which he believes has multiple benefits. Adem nan, the headman of Günlüce Village, said in a statement:

“Our maintenance in the hot springs for the summer season has been completed. Our healing waters are especially good for accelerating boiling in fractures, joint rheumatism and some skin diseases, neuritis and neuralgia diseases, gynecological diseases and sequell disease.”

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