Have a Soothing Effect in Cubucak Forest Camp

Cubucak Forest camp

At a distance of 23 kilometres from the Marmaris neighbourhood of Mula to Datça, you will travel by the Cubucak Forest Camp and Caravan Area on the coast of Hisarönü Bay. The area contains a 1,000-meter coastline and a variety of vegetation types. You’re welcome to set up camp there in a tent or caravan. The bulk of your daily needs can be met at the Ubucak Forest Camp, which is open for daily admissions and has infrastructure for water, power, telephone, internet, and sewer. You can also engage in sports and recreational activities there.

Cubucak Forest camp

The largest tent and caravan camping location in the country, Cubucak Forest Camp, has started to host its regulars in the Hisarönü Neighborhood of Marmaris district of Mula because to its surface size and capacity.

The Ubucak Forest and Nature Park, the largest tent and caravan area in Turkey, is built on a 20.5 hectare land connected to the Directorate of National Parks on the Datça highway, 22 kilometres from Marmaris. Travelers from cities like Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Afyon, and Denizli settle in their tents and caravans there.

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A retired nurse named Nadire Aymergen said she has been visiting Ubucak Forest and Nature Park from Afyon for 17 years.

“After retirement, my husband’s dream was to have a holiday with a caravan. We had friends who came here before, we heard from them and we came. We stay here for 6 months, we stay in our hometown Afyon for 6 months, we dream of coming here in winter.”

Cubucak Forest Camp The Largest Tent Caravan Camping Area

One of the staying in Cubucak Forest Camp, Aymergen, said:

“We go to the sea in the morning, then we have breakfast, we have neighbors, friends, we have coffee time, we drink coffee. In the afternoon we go back to the sea. At five, we have tea time. We gather with friends and drink tea. Our neighbors, our friendships are very nice. Here, everyone got to know each other well, we got used to each other. More than our children and families, we are here with our neighbors for six months.”

Aymergen, a retired nurse, said:

“Of course, those who want to sacrifice go to the nearby village and share it by taking a nap there and sharing it here. Whoever wants to send money to his hometown and takes a nap there.”

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