Coronavirus Indications and Defensive Measures

No one is unaware that we come across a new tragedy, an outbreak or a serious disease every day. As for the contemporary goings, Coronavirus has become a severe illness with which everyone is acquainted. When we think about the roots of this serious disease, we get the impression of Wuhan, a city in China, where this disease started to spread initially. A Wuhan family that had been infected by Coronavirus became the source of its expansion. Most of the infected people either shopped repeatedly or worked in the Huanan seafood market in central China. Like other coronaviruses, this Corona virus has been spreading from animals. China’s national health commission has reported that human-to-human transmission is now in no doubt.

Coronavirus Symptoms

The infected ones say that they have suffered breathing problems, nausea, coughs. Corona virus can also cause pneumonia. For severe cases organ failure is what occurs. The antiviral drugs currently available are not effective in preventing this disease. Those who died have had poor health conditions. Hence, Coronavirus recovery relies on a strong immune system.

Coronavirus Symptoms.

Statistics of Infected People

As time moves on this disease is also expanding rapidly. Not to think about in days but the new developments are recorded with every minute either concerning recovery or deaths. Countries hit hard by this type of virus are:

  • China
  • South Korea
  • Italy
  • Iran

Experts burn oil midnight to find a quick solution for recovery. Growing infected country provides various precautionary measures to help its inhabitants. If you are interested in gaining insights into details concerning contaminated countries, active cases, closed cases, recovered cases and deaths, you can visit this source of live statistics.

What Should We Do?

The lack of Coronavirus vaccine supply has easily left us with only one option if we think about the precautions for the Corona Virus, that is, we are supposed to stay indoors. We will try to avoid contacting other people as we do while we are suffering from flu. In addition, if any of the above-mentioned symptoms are found inside ourselves, we will contact your country’s help line instantly.

What Should We Do.

Seasonal Flu and Coronavirus: A Comparison

It is not possible to guess the severity of this recent illness until the last data and observations come in. Nonetheless, if we equate seasonal flu with Corona Virus, we come to know that flu usually has a mortality rate below 1 per cent. In the case of common flu, there are several treatment choices to use from. Contrary to that, we lack any vaccine on the part of Coronavirus diagnosis. Consequently, it is almost difficult for those who already suffer from weak immune systems to take steps to prevent Coronavirus.

Turkey, which is one of the main tourist attractions, is still free from this disease. For those who are inclined to move from one country to another, issues of multiple natures arise. Since the Turkish Department of Health takes this virus seriously, you don’t have to worry about your travel to Turkey. There’s only regular airport checking, and that’s it.

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