Visiting Ciragan Palace in an Unforgettable Experience

Ciragan Palace Istanbul An Unmissable Destination

The Ottoman Empire was one of the world’s great empires, dominating modern Turkey and many other nations for centuries and playing a key role in the spread of Islam around the globe. Many structures and palaces have survived since then and are now popular tourist destinations, attracting people from all over the world. Istanbul’s Ciragan Palace is a luxury hotel as well as a tourist destination. This exquisite mansion was designed by renowned Ottoman architects and constructed in regal style.

History of Ciragan Palace

The construction of this palace began in 1863 under Sultan Abdul Aziz I’s reign and was completed in 1872 after a 12-year period of development. Sarkis Balian and his two sons, who were widely regarded as the best Turkish architects of the time, designed and built the palace. The walls and ceilings of Raan Palace were composed of wood, while the palace’s outer walls were clad with colorful marble.

Ciragan Palace Istanbul An Unmissable Destination

The palace garden was separated from the exterior by a very high wall, and it was connected to Yildiz Palace on the surrounding hill by magnificent marble. The construction of the structure was financed using monies earmarked for the reconstruction of Istanbul’s water system.

This is the Ottoman Empire’s final royal palace, and it was Sultan Abdul Aziz I’s home until his death, when his nephew Sultan Murat IV took over. Sultan Murat’s stay at the palace was just 90 days long when his brother Sultan Abdul Hamid II banished him under the pretext of insanity, and Abdul Hamid II lived in the palace until 1910.

Ciragan Palace turkey

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The main building was destroyed by fire on January 6, 1910, leaving only the external walls of the construction, which is why the palace sat empty for a while and was forgotten.

Ciragan Palace was later bought by a Japanese company, which renovated the main structure. The palace was renovated and transformed into one of Turkey’s most sumptuous hotels, as well as one of the world’s top hotels.

How to Visit Ciragan Palace

Ciragan Palace Istanbul

It is not necessary to stay at this hotel to view and enjoy its services. To put it another way, the public and tourists are welcome to visit the palace’s historical area. Instead of staying in this hotel, which is very expensive, you might stay in another hotel and visit this palace to save money during your holiday in Istanbul.

In addition to exploring historical landmarks, you can use some of the hotel’s public facilities, such as the Turkish bath, massage parlour, outdoor swimming pool, gym, free internet, and other amenities.

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