The Beauty of Central Anatolia in Winter

The Beauty of Central Antalya in Winter (2)

Mount Hasan (Hasan Dagi) is a dormant volcano in Aksaray. Mt. Hasan (Hasan Dagi) first erupted around 14 million years ago and was active until 8,800 years ago. It is the second tallest peak in Central Anatolia, standing at 3,268 metres (10,700 feet).

Central Antalya

Because it is not possible to drive up the mountain, it takes around six hours to walk to the top. A spectacular view of the central Anatolian plateau, including faraway Cappadocia, may be had from the peak.

Hasan Dagi is located near the E-5 main route that connects Ankara and Adana; it is about an hour’s drive from Aksaray. There is a net height of around 2000 metres for flying, but there are also several very safe tiny hills for beginners.

The Beauty of Central Antalya in Winter (2)

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Hasan Mountain – located in Central Anatolia – is awe-inspiring in the summer with its woodland and environment, and in the winter with its snowy cover and beautiful imagery for all four seasons.

Despite the harsh temperature in winter, Hasan Mountain, one of Turkey’s youngest volcanic mountains, is a favourite destination for nature enthusiasts. It is located within the boundaries of Aksaray and Nigde.

The Beauty of Central Antalya in Winter

Citizens who visit Hasan Mountain, which has a peak altitude of 3,268 metres and can be reached by car up to 1,900 metres, take photographs and climb on the mountain’s slope.

The picturesque Mount Hasan – one of the best sights in Central Anatolia, as seen from a drone, is the subject of postcard images, and people claim they came to witness the Hasan Mountain view.

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