Caspian Lake: A Plethora of Visitors Flocked

Visitors Fed up of Heat Flocked Caspian Lake-

The Caspian Lake, also known as the east’s hidden sea, was visited by citizens who took advantage of the opportunity to boost the temperature in Elaz. The shores of the Caspian Lake, which ranks first in Turkey in terms of depth, has a length of 22 kilometres and a breadth of 6 kilometres, were overwhelmed by holidaymakers as a result of the hot weather.

Visitors Fed up of Heat Flocked Caspian Lake (2)

Residents of the surrounding provinces, particularly Diyarbakr, Malatya, Bingöl, Tunceli, Bitlis, Mardin, and Batman, preferred the Caspian Lake for vacations because they were far from the sea. The area around the Caspian Lake, which contains two islands and hidden cities, has become a famous tourist attraction thanks to its independent hotels and camping tent sites.

In contrast to the Mediterranean and Aegean beaches, visitors to the Caspian Lake can enjoy loungers, umbrellas, sea bikes, and boat trips. One of the shop owners, Frat Bahçeci, indicated that the season has started and that they have began to host visitors:

“With the end of the pandemic, our occupancy rate has increased a lot. Our work has been disrupted during the pandemic. With the end of this pandemic, we think that our work will be more intense in the coming days. I hope it will be even more beautiful. Our guests come here not only from Elazığ, but also from Diyarbakır, Batman, Mardin, Bitlis, Tunceli and Malatya. Our guests usually leave here satisfied. Elazığ Caspian Lake is a great blessing both for us and for our citizens in our surrounding provinces. In our facilities, we have tent city, apart hotel, restaurant, tea garden, sea bikes and activities on the lake. The Caspian Lake has a great contribution to Elazığ tourism, but if we show a little more interest and interest around the lake, it will be better in terms of tourism.”

Visitors Fed up of Heat Flocked Caspian Lake-

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One of the residents, Nedim Bouş, who stated that he came from Batman, stated:

“This is a very nice place to cool off. We came here because we know that the people of the region are hospitable. I invite everyone to come to the Caspian Lake. Batman temperatures were close to 45 degrees or so. It’s a little cooler here than it is there.”

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