Cappadocia Region Toured by Earthquake Victims

Cappadocia Turkey

Those who were staying in dorms in Nevşehir after the February 6 Kahramanmaraş earthquakes, which caused destruction in 11 provinces, travelled to the Cappadocia region. The booklet for earthquake sufferers gave the victims further details about Cappadocia.

When You should Visit Cappadocia, Turkey

Nevşehir Kayaşehir was the first destination on the tour that earthquake victims took as part of Tourism Week events. Earthquake victims visited Cappadocia and examined the Kaymakl Underground City, Ürgüp Üç Güzeller, Zelve and Paşaba ruins, and the Avanos suburb. Selahattin Yazc added, “Fortunately, our health is good, we are travelling, and we are exploring. However, our home in Nevşehir was severely destroyed when we were imprisoned in the Malatya earthquake. May Allah keep us safe from danger. Our state is directing and directing us. We loved visiting Cappadocia. These places are gorgeous.

Ramazan Yazc expressed his satisfaction with the vacation.

“Historical locations are very beautiful,” remarked Yazc. We had a tour of the tunnel city. Excellent locations. I urge everyone to attend.

5 Days Turkey Tour – Istanbul Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia Turkey

In his statement, Kahramanmaraş native Süleyman Bozolan stated,

“We came here from Kahramanmaraş following the earthquake. The Mustafapaşa village headman took care of it first. Right now, we’re residing in dorms. Süleyman Bozolan remarked, “These places will not be good for us. I want to get back to my homeland as soon as feasible. Despite the fact that these places are really attractive, we do not wish to remain.”

Gamze Demirci said, “I did not benefit anyone in Osmaniye because I was also an earthquake victim. I am happy that I was able to serve the earthquake victims and show them about the Cappadocia region. I had to bring my kids to Nevşehir because my husband is from there. I felt the cold at that time that I had not seen in Osmaniye. The earthquake, the rain, and the cold all occurred at the same moment.

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