Snow Dresses up The Cottages in Bursa

Snow Dresses up The Cottages in Bursa

Turkey’s cities are well known for cottage tourism, particularly in the winter months. A fantastic atmosphere for a fairy tale or legendary quest is created by the cottages that are scattered throughout the icy forests and mountains. One of the most important Turkish cities to gain from cottage tourism is Bursa. It is well recognised for its winter tourism season each year and, based on estimates, welcomes more than 300,000 tourists annually.

Bursa’s cottage tourism sector is based on three important areas, namely Cobankaya, Sarialan, and the well-known Uludag Mountain. These locations are far from the noise and traffic of the city, in natural surroundings.

Sarialan Cottages

cottages in Bursa

A sizeable resort with dining options, entertainment options, and wooden cottages can be found in the Uludag Mountains region, 30 kilometres from Bursa’s centre. The cottages can be rented all year round and come fully furnished.

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Uludag Mountain Cottages

Snow Dresses up The Cottages in Bursa

Uludag Mountain is Bursa’s primary tourist draw. Bursa is an integrated tourism resort. The foothills of the mountain also contain lodging, dining options, and rest facilities in addition to the longest cable car in the world, which is the main form of transportation in the region because of the snow.

The Uludag Mountain also has a club for novice and amateur snowboarders in addition to a snow sports facility that serves as the site of various regional and international competitions. On the slopes of Mount Uludag, in a beautiful environment, there are several opulent wooden cottages for rent.

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