Boztepe Observation Terrace Got Fame

Boztepe observation terrace

The Boztepe Observation Terrace and Walking Platform was inaugurated by the Ortahisar Municipality on April 23, and the general public was quite interested in it. On the Observation Terrace and Walking Path, which has been in high demand by the people of Trabzon since it opened and where interest is growing everyday, residents have the opportunity to enjoy the characteristic view of Trabzon day and night.

Boztepe observation terrace

Everyone, regardless of age, has the opportunity to bring their families to see Trabzon’s city centre close to the natural marvels of Boztepe. Boztepe’s inhabitants praise the almost unending vista they enjoy, especially in the twilight hours, when they watch the sun go down. Visitors expressed their happiness with the project’s realisation of the walking platform and the development of Boztepe’s beauty by taking selfies and souvenir photos on the Observation Terrace and Walking Path that traversed Trabzon.

Visitors gathered on the Observation Terrace in the evening enjoy a shaded conversation while sipping their drinks and taking in the nighttime view of Trabzon from the garden of the café area. Despite being only a week old, the observation terrace and promenade, which stretches for about 100 metres from the Kzlar Monastery to the east and has all wood surfaces aside from one glass and one wooden terrace, has already established itself as one of the most popular spots in the city.

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The project was carried out as a wooden platform on steel legs, raised at least 20 to 30 cm off the ground to allow for excavation and filling, and it spanned an area of around 5,000 square metres. The project included the construction of underground service buildings, which used around 110 tonnes of steel.

Visitors Adored Boztepe Observation Terrace

The Boztepe Observation Terrace, with its singular outlook, has two cafeterias, a wooden patio, and a glass-covered terrace. Two wooden city balconies were built in the regions with the best vantage points. The camellias, swings, wooden-upholstered lounging areas, and green spaces on the balcony have all worked together to create a pleasant environment for the residents. The Boztepe Observation Terrace and Walking Path will draw both domestic and foreign tourists in advance of the commencement of the tourist season.

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