Nature Lovers Moves to Hizan, Bitlis

Nature Lovers Moves to Hizan, Bitlis

Bitlis is a town near Van Lake in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. Because it is not well-known and receives little publicity, Bitlis, one of Eastern Anatolia’s hidden beauties, struggles to entice tourists. This city is important in terms of history and culture despite having a lengthy history spanning thousands of years. On one side, it is home to odd historical artefacts like cupolas, mosques, castles, and caravanserais.

Hizan in Bitlis

On the other hand, it is home to beautiful natural features including lakes and mountains formed by volcanic eruptions. The only two economic sectors of Bitlis are agriculture and animal husbandry. Actually, the topographical configuration of the city does not lend itself well to agriculture. Even if they are few, the Bitlis residents rely heavily on the field crops they raise as a source of income. The main crops grown in Bitlis are wheat, barley, rye, tobacco, beans, potatoes, sugar beets, walnuts, peanuts, pears, apples, cherries, and grapes.

97 nature enthusiasts from Van visited the old stone homes in Bitlis’s Hizan neighbourhood during the autumn, when they were painted in a riot of vivid hues. Every week on a different route, the Vadi Nature Sports Club members conduct activities to showcase the historical and ecological splendour in and around Van.

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Nature Lovers Moves to Hizan, Bitlis

This time, nature lovers arranged a trip to the Uzuntaş village in the Hizan neighbourhood of Bitlis. A memorable day was had by everybody who explored the town of Uzuntaş’s antique stone homes and woodlands while taking pictures.

The group sought to promote the region’s natural beauty, according to Mer Demez, head of the Valley Outdoor Sports Club, who was speaking about the trip.

Every week, according to Demez, they organise a sightseeing tour in a different location, and this week, a group of 97 people and Demez spent the entire day exploring the Hizan neighbourhood. Demez said that efforts to raise awareness of the Lake Van Basin would continue. The Hizan district offers a different colour in the autumn, so the event’s naturalists encouraged everyone to go.

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