Beykoz Koru: A Promenade area with Fragrance

Beykoz Koru A Promenade area with Fragrance

Despite being well-known since antiquity, the Beykoz Koru has recently become quite well-known. The Beykoz Koru, also known as the Beykoz Bark, is a particularly good place to get away from the urban complex because of its length and width. It is known as the Abraham Pasha Corps, and every day more people go there.

Beykoz Koru

Another name for the area is Abraham Pasha Koru. (Bark). Abraham Pasha, also referred to as Erem Amira’s grandson, was a person who lived from 1833 until 1918. Beykoz Korusu is the name still used today. Abraham Pasha, a close associate of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz at the time, won a chess match against two opponents to win first place.

Beykoz Koru has added French garden architects and will continue to provide guests a promenade area that is rather large. Along with taking advantage of the cafes and restaurants located inside the forest, visitors can have a picnic with their families and friends. You may take advantage of this magnificent site thanks to the BB Beykoz Social Facilities.

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Enjoyments at Beykoz Koru

Numerous cafes and restaurants can be found in the area, and on weekends the atmosphere is more relaxed and people are more attentive. Customers can design breakfasts in these cafés that best fit their tastes and enjoy their time there.

Beykoz Koru A Promenade area with Fragrance

How to Get to Beykoz Koru

This protected area spans more than 150,000 square metres and is located in Istanbul’s Beykoz neighbourhood. Beykoz Koru, also known as Beykoz Bark, is a very well-liked location because of its location. By travelling the highway that goes to Beykoz-Paşabahçe, you can reach this village. There are also simultaneous private boat tours between Stinye and Paşabahçe.

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