Captivated by Belenova Plateau: A Visitor’s Tale

The Belenova Plateau, one of the highest points in Aydn at an elevation of 1200 metres and connected to the Kuyucak area, draws a lot of tourists all year long because of its social amenities, clean air, and spectacular vistas.

Captivated by Belenova Plateau A Visitor's Tale

The Belenova Plateau has gained popularity as a travel destination, particularly for people trying to escape the oppressive summer heat. It is known for its reasonably priced, delicious regional cuisine made of natural ingredients adorned with olives and olive oil, figs, fresh fruits and vegetables, which is believed to be the source of a long and healthy life, and traditional village breakfast. The magnificent plateau is located in the Belenova Neighbourhood in Kuyucak district of Aydn at an elevation of 1200 metres, 21 km from Kuyucak.

The region, also referred to as the “Uluda of Aydn,” is roughly 90 kilometres from both Aydn and Denizli. The Belenova Plateau, which attracts attention with its Small Plain, Koca Plain, Arap Creek ponds, and Belenova Pond with a breath-taking view right next to the property, is not far from the Black Sea.

Township of Kuyucak the Kuyucak Municipality’s 2018-built Social Facilities, which include a village restaurant, kids’ playground, parking lot, pedestrian promenade, jogging routes, football, volleyball, and basketball courts, as well as spaces for selling village items, are a constant source of visitors all year long. In the absence of the stress of the city, families can unwind in the great outdoors while children may have fun at the playground and athletic facilities.

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Fevziye Sarca, an Izmir local, stated that she and her husband went to the facility to take advantage of the milder temperature and that she would recommend Belonva to anyone. Fevziye Sarca claimed that Belenova was preferable to Uluda or Ilgaz.

“We arrived at this highland institution at a height of 1,200 metres from scorching climates like Kuyucak and Nazilli. It has a lovely atmosphere. Excellent breakfast, pine breeze. We are in a beautiful natural setting. This location is not searching for Kastamonu’s Ilgaz or Bursa Uluda.”

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