The Magnificence of Avsa Island, Turkey

Avsa Island

Because of its unique features and breathtaking beauty, Avsa Island is among the places to visit. Avşa Island, which is a part of Balkesir province’s boundaries in the Marmara Region, attracts tourists every year. Due to how important tourism is to the area, both domestic and foreign travellers frequently travel there. Passengers can board sea buses that travel to Avsa Island from Istanbul, Erdek, and Tekirda.

The Magnificence of Avsa Island, Turkey

The island of Avşa is a part of the Marmara region’s Balkesir province. The island’s gorgeous beaches and fresh air attract tourists. Local tourists visit the area annually, especially those from Istanbul. The island is positioned among several that round the Kapda Peninsula. Now, both domestic and foreign tourists pay attention to it.

Passengers can get to Avsa Island by sea buses and ferries that depart from Istanbul, Erdek, and Tekirda. Travelers must first arrive at the Erdek dock before boarding one of the Adalar 1, Gestaş, or Marmara Roro auto ships to the island from nearby cities like Eskişehir, Bursa, or Zmir.

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Things to See in Avsa Island

Avsa Island

Due to its unique design and attractive features, Avsa Island is popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. Getting there is also not too difficult. This island is located in the Sea of Marmara. The Marmara Islands island chain includes this island.

It is one of the islands in the Balkesir Province of the Marmara Region. This island became an island few years ago when it detached from the Kapda peninsula. On the island at various times in history, Arabs, Greeks, and Turks have all dwelt. The island has been inhabited by several nations since the early Stone Age. The Byzantine period saw the defence of this island. It was known as Afousia at the time.

There are various hotels and pensions on the island of Avsa. Depending on what they offer, these hotels and pensions offer a variety of prices. This location offers modest lodging options, such as apartments and pensions, as opposed to large hotels. Price increases for hotels are noticeable, especially in the summer and on vacations. As a result, reservations made in advance will be more accurate for those who have planned a vacation.

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