Architectural Spell Prevails in Amasya, Turkey


Amasya is one of the Central Anatolia provinces in Turkey that stands out for its natural setting and historical significance. It served as the birthplace of renowned geographer Strabo. It is located in a little fissure of the Yesilirmak (Iris) river and has a 3000 year history. Many civilizations produced amazing artefacts throughout this time.


The ruins of the castle atop the rock face of the gap contain a mental hospital, an Ottoman palace, a mysterious underground passageway, and 2000-year-old water canals. The city’s attraction is further enhanced by the impressive rock tombs of the Pontus rulers that can be seen on the cliff cliffs. When they are lit up at night, the view is spectacular.

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Other notable historical and architectural landmarks in the city include the Ferhat water channel, the Seljuk Burmali Mosque from the 13th century, the Yildirim Beyazit Mosque and Complex, the 14th-century Ilhanli Bimarhane Mental Hospital with lovely reliefs around its portal, the extraordinary octagonal Kapi Aga Medrese (theological school), the Torumtay Mausoleum, and the Gök Medrese. The oldest and most meticulously kept Turkish homes offer the best examples of Turkish architecture.


With an art gallery on the first level and an ethnographic museum on the second, the 19th-century Hazeranlar House is today quite intriguing. It has undergone painstaking restoration. Among the museum’s collection of interesting artefacts are the mummies of the Ilhanli kings of Amasya.

Due to its slender mountain valley and distinct, unknown beauty, Amasya stands out from the rest of Anatolia in terms of the natural environment. 65 kilometres northeast of Amasya, in the Crater Lake Lake Borabay, is home to a stunning landscape and fresh air. It’s the perfect place for a picnic, solitude in nature, fishing (especially for trout), and participating in sports. Yedikir Dam Lake and Omarca National Park are some additional excursion locations. A trip to Terzikoy’s spa and thermal resort is also recommended.

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