The Eye of the World Location: Amasra

Amasra turkey

The town of Amasra, which Fatih Sultan Mehmet referred to as “the eye of the globe,” captured my attention with its natural and cultural splendour when I visited it this year. The journey from Istanbul to this charming Black Sea resort should take about four hours.

Amasra turkey

While considering where to write for the final Saturday of the year, I chose to write about a town that I had the opportunity to visit this year and that amazed me with both its nature and atmosphere. Amasra… Have you ever heard of it? Have you been given the chance to go? Do you know where it is in your head? I’ll start straight away: Amasra, which is part of our Black Sea region, connects to Bartn on the Aegean coast by its stunning natural surroundings, mouthwatering cuisine, and fresh air.

Because it is still relatively undiscovered, this town, which is around four hours’ drive from Istanbul, was built for folks who love all hues of green and blue. It’s so peaceful there that even the locals don’t want him to become well-known. They would rather see it preserved in its natural state. Amasra is the city’s top tourist attraction. It is located where the dense forests that around it and the ocean meet. When you go there, make sure to stay one or two nights in Amasra.

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The Eye of the World Location Amasra

This town, which can be reached by car from Istanbul in around four hours, was designed for those who appreciate all hues of green and blue because it is still a relatively undiscovered place. Because it’s so quiet there, even the residents don’t want him to become well-known. They would rather see it remain unaltered. Amasra is the area of the city that attracts visitors the most. It’s positioned where the dense woodlands that surround it and the water meet. When visiting Amasra, be sure to stay there for one or two nights.

In addition to providing you with a fantastic atmosphere where you may find tranquilly as a nice and inviting seaside town, this adorable place lures you in by giving the fish and specially-made salad its lovely air. However, Amasra has a three thousand year history. It is a quiet and tranquil area with many seafood restaurants, historical attractions, local artefacts, and modest pensions. If you’re just in town for a short while like I was, I’d want to share with you what can be done in a two-day vacation to Amasra.

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