Tourists and Visitors appreciate the Altinbesik Cave

Altinbesik Cave Flooded with Tourists and Visitors

40 thousand people visited Altinbesik Cave in the first five months of this year, after it reopened to guests last year after two years in Antalya. Local and international tourists rushed to the cave, which can be reached by boat from the subterranean lake’s deep blue turquoise waters. The lake, which is turquoise due to its soda water, is a visual feast for its visitors with the lights funnelled into the cave.

Altinbesik Cave Flooded with Tourists and Visitors (2)

The Altinbesik Cave, which is located in Antalya’s Brad district’s Ürünlü Neighborhood, is flooded with local and foreign visitors. In just five months, 40 thousand people visited the cave, which was occasionally closed owing to the hazards that could occur as the winter progressed. Local and international visitors were stunned by this Antalya paradise corner, which hosted an average of 300 people per day and offered sightseeing boats to explore the cave’s magnificence.

According to Ylmaz Zdoan, a member of the Brad Municipality personnel and the operating manager of Altinbesik Cave, the cave is the world’s third largest underground lake cave and the largest in Turkey. zdoan stated that the Brad Municipality is putting forth every effort to provide the best possible service to cave visitors.

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Altinbesik Cave Flooded with Tourists and Visitors

“As İbradı Municipality, we started to operate the cave in July last year after the normalization process after the pandemic period. We had a great year last year. This year we continue to multiply on it. The number of visitors we have received since the beginning of this year has exceeded 40 thousand. We get quite a lot of visitors, especially on weekends. Our visitors come from all over the world. We even met with our visitors from Colombia and Brazil. We have increased the number of boats to better serve our visitors.”

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