A Plethora of Tourists Visited Altınbesik Cave

Altınbesik Cave flooded with local and foreign visitors

The Altinbesik Cave, also known as the Altinbesik Maaras, is situated on the western side of the steep Manavgat Hill, about 5 kilometres from Urunlu and 7 kilometres from Antalya’s Ibradi (Aydinkent) district. The Altinbesik Cave National Park is reachable from Urunlu following a one-hour climb from the Antalya-Ibradi-Urunlu road.

Altınbesik Cave flooded with local and foreign visitors

The Altinbesik Hill, which is situated on its higher side, gave the horizontal cave system known as the Altinbesik Cave its name. This part of the Taurus Mountains has an extremely complex geological and geomorphologic structure, with several geological overlaps, substantial twists, and deep valleys. The Altinbesik Cave was carved out of ancient limestone in the upper Creosote.

Altınbesik Cave turkey

The Altnbeşik Cave, located in the “brad” section of Antalya’s Ürünlü Neighborhood, is very well-liked by both local and foreign tourists. A total of 80,000 people visited the cave in eight months. An average of 300 local and international tourists visit this picturesque area of Antalya every day to discover the cave’s wonders using excursion boats. The Brad Municipality staff, other visitors, and the operation manager of the Altnbeşik Cave, Ylmaz Zdoan, have all noticed that the cave attracts a lot of attention every day, especially from foreign visitors.

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Altınbesik Cave

According to zdoan, who also remarked that domestic tourism is down from recent years, foreign visitors are more interested in the cave than local ones.

“We are working with all our strength to provide the best quality service to those who visit the cave and to contribute to the promotion of our city. During the summer season, we reached the band of 10 thousand people per month. We welcomed visitors from all over the world. Especially from foreign guests, we have experienced a significant increase in Polish visitors this year. Due to the decrease in the water of the cave in the summer months, we cannot take our visitors until the last point. Our visitors are looking forward to the rising waters from November.”

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