Alternative Tourism in Orhaneli: Bursa’s Best-Kept Secret Awaits

Interest in alternative tourism in Orhaneli is growing, a region of Bursa that stands out for its natural beauty. Sada Canyon, which features one of the longest rafting courses, is home to bungalow homes, camping areas, and a variety of natural environs that attract more adventure enthusiasts than locals.


The Orhaneli Municipality, which has built a name in relation to Bursa’s history, culture, investments in agriculture and mining, notably the natural beauty, has launched 15 bungalow houses where it has completed the first stage. The pancakes made by the Orhaneli Women’s Initiative Production and Management Cooperative also received a flawless rating from the guests. The guests who had remained in the bungalows reserved for them were allowed to do so after unwinding on the Kocasu Creek rafting track and taking in some nature at Sada Canyon.

Spotlighting alternative tourism in Orhaneli, Ali Aykurt, the mayor of Orhaneli, made a brief statement at the end of the programme, saying,

“During our 4.5 years as mayor, we started off and are continuing with the slogan of the city of nature and natural people. We have left our district open to attack in terms of tourism, one of our primary services. Significant mining, zoological, and agricultural enterprises are also located in our district.”

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The tourism business has advanced, according to Aykurt, with the introduction of rafting, bungalow residences, and camping-caravan festivals. Over the span of 21 years, 3000 people came to our region exclusively for rafting. The district, which has over 18 000 700 persons, benefited from these vacationers. Additionally, the activities related to camping and caravanning, which have a very high trend, are successfully carried out and keep getting better. We will have the third Camping – Caravan Festival event from September 8–10, 2018. We’ll keep promoting our city with this camping caravan event.

Aykurt claimed that new routes are required for enduro motorbike enthusiasts, off-road trail users, and hikers alike.

“With these, the utilisation of nature will be at a respectable level. Since tourism doesn’t create much on its own, we try to provide high-value products for the local farmers. We are working out the details of the tourism productions.”

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