Acarlar Longozu: The Second-Biggest Longozu in the World

Acarlar Longozu The Largest Longoz in One Piece in Turkey

Acarlar Longozu, the second-largest longozu in the world and the largest longozu in Turkey still intact, ceremoniously greeted its guests. Acarlar Longozu, which spans a 24-kilometer area and is home to 2,300 plant varieties and more than 200 distinct species of migrating birds, has recently become a popular tourist destination not just in Sakarya but also across Turkey.

Acarlar Longozu The Largest Longoz in One Piece in Turkey

Longoz, which is home to lotus and lake tulips, unusual vegetation, various tree species, particularly ash, as well as other bird and fish species, is always beautiful at different times of the year. Longoz, which was recently transferred to the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, now has a pleasing appearance thanks to the arrangements and adjustments performed.

In Longoz, which is designated as a first-degree natural site, nature reserve, and wildlife development area, there are three unique plants that are rare globally. Longoz is on its way to becoming a global attraction because to its walking spaces, newly constructed social amenities, and untouched natural areas. With its fresh appearance, it has now welcomed guests.

Acarlar Longozu turkey

District mayors, Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, Governor Etin Oktay Kaldrm, SUBU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sarbyk, Mufti Hasan Başiş, Nature Conservation National Parks Regional Director Fahrettin Ulu, and many others participated in the opening.

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Stating that Sakarya is a city with rare beauties, Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldırım said:

“We should congratulate everyone who has contributed to this work. Sakarya is a city with rare beauties in the world. It is necessary to put nature in the first place like a treasure. He is determined to protect his nature in Sakarya. This study shows us this. I congratulate our Metropolitan Municipality”, while Fahrettin Ulu, Regional Director of National Parks, said, “This is the first longoz forest in Turkey as an area. I hope that our municipality will protect and operate this place in the best way for nature lovers. I think it will also contribute to the economy of the region. Good luck.”

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