A Density of Visitors Witnessed in Pamukkale Turkey

In Pamukkale Turkey, where entrance is free in honour of International Museum Day, there were a lot of domestic tourists. Visitors experienced the time in the white wonderland and showed great interest in Hierapolis and its museum. The announcement by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

“On the International Museum Day, which is celebrated on May 18 every year to protect the world cultural heritage and promote museology, all museums and ruins throughout Turkey can be visited free of charge” caused a density in Denizli as well as across the country.”

Pamukkale Got More Than 240,000 Visitor in 4 Months

Local visitors have flocked to Pamukkale, a white paradise that welcomes tourists year-round with its thermal springs and adjacent ancient cities and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Due to the fact that Pamukkale Turkey was free, a large number of people went there for the first time there early in the morning. Despite the fact that some visitors clearly had never been to Pamukkale before, the locals who shot the pictures took the time to record those important events.

A Density of Visitors Witnessed in Pamukkale Turkey

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Local visitors who took advantage of Museum Day flocked to the historic city of Hierapolis and the Hierapolis Archaeological Museum.

Emrah Kaya, who stated that she had come to the city for a holiday and had plans to go all over the world, stated,

“We travelled to Denizli and wanted to sample the local cuisine while we were here. I’ll visit each of these historical places separately as it’s Museum Week. It was great fun for me. Excellent for us and for tourists. The authorities were supportive of my idea to distribute museum cards. I urge everyone to purchase a museum card since they are really quite useful. Historical sites are significant to see since they are incredible places.”

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