1 Million Tourists will Visit Mardin in 2023

1 Million Tourists will Visit Mardin in 2023

Southeast Turkish city of Mardin serves as the capital of the Mardin Il province. It overlooks a vast limestone plateau from its position on the southern slopes of a substantial highland that rises to a height of 3,450 feet (1,052 metres). The region receives more rainfall than the lowland plains and has hot summers and frigid winters. The Roman fortress that was demolished and rebuilt in the Middle Ages at the peak of the mountain serves as a reminder that Mardin was once known as the old Marida (Marde, Maride, or Merida). It shares a southern border with Syria’s Mardin province, predominantly an agricultural area where wheat, barley, and sesame are farmed. In addition to raising angora goats for mohair, a small scale cotton and woollen weaving industry exists.

1 Million Tourists will Visit Mardin in 2023

Mardin, one of the “golden triangle” regions of Mesopotamia, is still a well-liked vacation spot for both domestic and foreign tourists. Hotels expect to entertain 1 million guests this year. People migrated to Mardin from neighbouring provinces, particularly from the 11 provinces affected by the earthquakes centred in Kahramanmaraş, where the risk of earthquakes is low.

Nedim Kaya, a hotelier, revealed that the city’s occupancy rate is now at 80% this month and expected that this number would approach 100%. According to Kaya, one of the most popular travel destinations for earthquake victims is the old city of Mardin. She continued:

“We accommodated the earthquake victims who came to the city due to the earthquake. The second Mesopotamia in the globe is this one. We coexist with everyone in harmony and support.”

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Kaya mentioned that Mardin is a well-known tourist destination and that their hotel launched in 2015. The boutique hotel, which can accommodate 100 guests and has 47 rooms, is popular with tourists. Locals and guests from abroad prefer boutique hotels to 5-star hotels. Boutique hotels have a distinct aesthetic from 5-star hotels. It is Mardin-Midyat, the stone. In the winter it keeps it warm, and in the summer it keeps it cool.

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